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Better Canada Initiative

The Better Canada Initiative is an incubator of ideas, policy, and important conversations. As a non-partisan, nonprofit organization, BCI strives to be the civil-society place where all Canadians can discuss, understand and articulate public policy information in Canada. The Better Canada Initiative aims to bring the best minds of Canada to one central location. In order to do this, we require the knowledge of a diverse group of Canadians to frequently comment on current issues. Our policy and research teams work with opinion piece writers to ensure that all research is sourced, evidenced and well-reasoned. We also strive to create content in various forms, commentaries, podcasts, infographics and research papers. Our goal is to distribute materials produced by the Better Canada team to our key stakeholders and release them in our monthly roundups, where appropriate.

Our Values

Integrity – Conduct business and fundraising in an honest, transparent, and ethical manner that honours our core principle of pan-partisanship.

Empowerment – Empower civic leadership across Canada through participation in public policy discussions on our platform, a place where thought leaders can seek out and contribute knowledge and expertise.

Excellence – Ensuring our policy and research teams, as well as our fellows, are producing high-quality research that is sourced, evidenced, and well-reasoned. Strive to consistently strengthen in-house capabilities in research and content communication through a robust peer-review process. Strive to create content in various forms – commentaries, podcasts, infographics and research papers – to reach our diverse target audiences.

Community – Building community through dissemination of high-quality policy content produced for Canadians, by Canadians. Leveraging institutional and civic thought leadership by offering a platform designed to engage communities that are often left out of important public policy discourse.